22. oktober 2020 - 11:00 tot 12:00
West Yorkshire Society of Architects, Bingley
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Denis Mason Jones Award for free-hand sketching 2020 | donderdag, 22. oktober 2020

2020 subject: “The View from my Window”.

The Denis Mason Jones Award for free-hand sketching was created in memory of the distinguished Leeds architect of the same name. Throughout his ***** life Denis kept meticulous notebooks, filled with sketches of buildings, family activities, holidays, cartoons and stories for his four children, all in his very distinctive style.

Whilst last year’s theme was ‘Holidays Postcards’, those are now wistful thoughts as we see the World from our most familiar of perspectives, so this year WYSA invite Yorkshire based Architects and Students of Architecture to pick up pencils and sketch pads and draw.

A prize fund of £2000 is available to be awarded at the Judges discretion. All entries are to be submitted by 5pm on Thursday 22nd October 2020. Winners will be announced (and hopefully presented at the WYSA Awards) on Thursday 29th October 2020.

See http://www.wysa.org.uk/dmj/