27. maart 2021 - 20:00 tot 23:00
Beursschouwburg, Brussels
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Darwin Deez – 10 Yearz (concert) | zaterdag, 27. maart 2021

Indie candy to melt teenage hearts in bodies of all ages.

For a decade darwin deez has left a wake of molten teenage hearts (from bodies of all ages) in his wake. Deez found his musical home in the anti-folk underbelly of hipster Brooklyn. He’s been signed to the British label Lucky Number since 2009 with his band of the same name and now they’re celebrating their first release with a tenth-anniversary tour.

Expect a set consisting of the complete first album, peppered with a selection of tracks from later releases. To bake this birthday cake at home, add one jar of honey-sweet vocals, a dollop of bittersweet lyrics, oodles of poppy grooves and a good shake of lo-fi electronica. Or just get over here and shake your *** like it’s 2009.


€12/€15 at the door

presales start at 15.11.19 9:00AM


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