19. oktober 2017 - 9:00
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OpenVillage Festival | Bruxelles/Brussel | donderdag, 19. oktober 2017

A participant-built festival dedicated to bringing together existing projects into a demo of a new health and social care system powered by open source, community driven solutions.
The festival paves the way for the upcoming #OpenVillage - a network of community houses for living and working together, while leading healthy lives.

What’s in it for you?

+ New contacts, opportunities and deep understanding.
+ Access to high quality sessions contributed by a community of people delivering ambitious care services when healthcare and welfare systems fail.
+ A stake in an ambitious new venture: A community property for permanently affordable living and working together (Edgeryders Reef)


*Open Science and Citizen Science for more inclusive healthcare*
How are people all over the world using open knowledge, open source hardware and software solutions to meet care needs? What are we learning about citizens helping advance groundbreaking research?

*Architectures of Love: Creating the conditions for open care*
We are collecting deep insights to illuminate the interplay between policy and culture (as in ways of doing things). How do we design communities and organisations that are care-full, and promote health and flourishing for greater impact?

*Living and working well together*
Learning from physical community spaces: how do others design the space, its financing model, and collective activities – from business to fitness, personal development, mental wellbeing. How do we build sustainable spaces? How to prioritize reciprocal support, trust and a spirit of generosity, rather than transactional relationships?

Learn more:

Get involved now! Introduce yourself and your project to get a ticket:
  • See you Saturday?! Everything you need to know about the people and projects joining #OpenVillage. We lay out our grand vision for the festival and what comes next in a 30 minute mini-conference on Twitter.
  • Meet the Woodbine crowd at #OpenVillage!
  • Steve (on-the-move) in the UK: “you can treat lots of people at a fairly low cost”. An acupuncture practitioner; holistic fitness and practices of working with the body, relaxation and breath work, Tai Chi, Hichibuku.. At #OpenVillage wants to do more than a presentation: actually treat someone and demonstrate how healthcare can work in its more traditional model - more attention to human care. Alex said: “I'd love to see you run the space for people in the morning and then perhaps in the afternoon do a presentation about the process. That way you will have people in the room who have also experienced it”. Meet & greet Steve, Alex and other Edgeryders coming! https://edgeryders.eu/openvillage-coordination/who-you-will-meet-at-openvillage-and-how-we
  • One of the challenges of coordinating a participant-run festival is making it easy for everyone who wishes to contribute to do so. This means breaking down the work needed into smaller tasks that require limited time and effort from each contributor. It also requires us to make it easy for people to quickly understand where and how their help is needed "right now". So here is our attempt for this week! Come!
  • Like many other socially engaged initiatives, we often struggle to communicate what we do. Sometimes it is because the work is so experimental- we are trying new approaches to problems after all. Often it is because we are spread too thin to take the time and effort to do it well. Thank you Susanne Stauch for making this beautiful poster for the OpenVillage Festival <3 and thank you Rossella Bargiacchi for helping to update the information on it. I've tried to set up a simple page for the event, what do you guys think? https://edgeryders.eu/es/openvillagefest