29. september 2020 - 6:30 tot 9:30
Brussels, Brussels
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Self-care:what is the role of citizens in managing their health? | dinsdag, 29. september 2020

Self-care plays an important role in disease prevention and health promotion, and has never been higher in the agenda as the world goes through a pandemic that requires everyone to play their part. But what are its benefits and do they outweigh its risks? At a time where demographic changes and mounting pressure on healthcare systems coincides with a growing demand for patient empowerment and the multiplication of wearables, policy makers, regulators and the medical industry need to assess how the responsibility for good health can be shared with citizens themselves. • Is self-care an efficient tool to free up public resources and improve overall public health, in a context of the rising burden of chronic diseases, aging population and scarce public resources?

This POLITICO event will convene policy-makers, patients, experts, medical professionals and industry leaders to reflect on the role self-care plays in keeping Europeans healthy and how to balance the benefits and risks linked to it.