09. september 2019 - 18:30 tot 22:00
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A leadership hierarchy. | Vlerick Business School - Brussels | maandag, 09. september 2019

A leadership hierarchy.
A common thought for many of us is that almost all Leaders share more or less the same competencies and are equally able to manage complexity... As long as they are labelled "Leaders". This is not correct!
In fact, by increasing order of complexity-to-be-dealt-with, and the corresponding requisite level of maturity, we discern distinct levels of leaders: "the Warrior", "the Opportunist", "the Diplomat", "the Expert", "the Achiever", "the Individualist", "the Strategist" and "the Magician". And all those Leaders climb the same mountain path, some interrupting their journey in one or another stage, and all at different pace...
And all these levels we have a significant different view of the world, so different that, for example, "the Opportunist" has difficulties to understand "the Achiever"; the space between both of them being already too large! Moreover, the consciousness of the category we pertain to is only developing at advanced stages of leadership. In other words we are mostly unconscious of where we stand on this journey (obviously we believe to be near the top!). The effect of realizing where we are, is comparable to receiving the results of a honest 360... And being truly conscious of our stage-of-development in itself is boosting our growth, focussing on what's important for us to develop at that very time.
This hidden vertical development is different from learning, which is "flat land", or more of the same, and has specific eye openers that will be presented during this session.
This body of knowledge changed my life, and it will trigger to change yours. Just imagine you know your leadership level, as well as the one of those around you....
 This approach is scientifically based on the work of R. Kegan, O. Laske, S. Cook-Greuter, J. Loevinger, E. Kubler-Ross, and others.
Biography of the speaker Mr. Jean Debrosse. 
Jean has 40 + years experience in leading positions in multinational companies: change, leadership and strategy. Currently Business & HR consultant applying "conscious business": placing the human being at the center of the organization, and the organization at the service of humanity. Jean has a passion for the development of the human being and its place in the organization and is still practicing research at the IDM Inc. (Inter-developmental Institute).

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