02. september 2017 - 20:00
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Blackup - Brat Farrar - album release party | Café Charlatan | zaterdag, 02. september 2017

Blackup teams up with Brat Farrar (australia) for an evening of punkwave extravaganza! Releaseparty for the new Blackup album 'Clubbing into submission'


For the uninitiated, in a previous life BRAT FARRAR fronted Melbourne (Australia) based Digger and The Pussycats, known for their globe trotting abilities and helping to define what most folks now call garage-punk.
On recordings BRAT FARRAR takes on the main tasks of cook, cleaner and maid but live is joined by a variety of crackpot musicians. Together they produce a wonderous blend of new
wave, synth punk, shoegaze and something very Australian rock.
In 2017 BRAT FARRAR returns with his third record, simply untitled like its predecessors.
Like its sisters this record is all guns blazing and shifts effortlessly from punk to shoegaze and other far-reaching places. Songs are at the fore on this one, mainly being about
miscommunication, unrequited love and the odd missed moment here and there.

In case you haven’t heard, the BRAT FARRAR sound is reminiscent of early Wipers, Chrome, The Spits, *******, a bit like MBV (well just the guitars) on a few tracks and sometimes like power pop bands recorded incorrectly.

This summer BRAT FARRAR proudly tours
with BLACKUP, who'll help him out playing as backing band for a run of shows in Europe.


Just when you thought it was over
BLACKUP is back with a bang. After years of touring Europe with bands like Hot Snakes and Rocket From The Crypt and the release of the hit record Ease and Delight, the guys from Blackup decided to retire in 2014.
In 2017 they're back with Clubbing into Submission, a one sided, 4 song 12” LP : 4 scorching slabs of absolute postpunk mania.

Teaming up with Brat Farrar they Will blitzkrieg Europe this summer, with a stop a their hometown Ghent/charlatan to present the new album and party with friends!!!

Don't miss the Party!

The band consists of Steven Gillis (Fifty Foot
Combo), Miguel Moors (Crites), Xavier Andre
Richard Benoit on drums; and new addition
Jon "the Acrobat" DK on guitar.


Damage: 6€