19. juli 2020 - 12:30
Etage Tropical, Gent
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Ecstatic Dance Gent * DJ to be announced * | zondag, 19. juli 2020

Welcome to this unique Ecstatic Dance experience in Ghent!


Guided by the music we come together and dance to explore, to embrace whatever appears in the moment and to celebrate all of life!

You are welcome as you are, move as you feel it, let your body guide you.

We follow three simple basic guidelines :

No shoes, no booze/drugs, no chitchat. With grounded feet in the earth, we lift our spirits high! Plenty of water will juice us up.

Each ED starts and ends with a ceremony in which we make time and space to connect with ourselves, the others, the space, the vibrations, our intentions and the larger ED tribe.

Together we create a conscious space to be amazing, to be free, to nurture, connect and awaken the magical sparkle inside.


Kids are welcome on our Sunday Morning editions! We ask the parents to keep an eye on them. Especially be cautious that they don’t leave the building because of the busy street. Also other adults can share this care for the children. Like this we look after each other as a family!

Kids find their natural place when we let them be part of it in their own way. When your kid is finding it difficult to respect the silence, you can take the time together outside the dancing space. Like this the serenity of the dance can be guaranteed.

There will be a resting space for them with paper and colored pencils. You can bring headphones or earplugs to protect the sensitive little ears.

We embrace the young and fresh energy that kids bring and let them inspire us to welcome our own inner child with love and compassion!

▬▬▬▬▬ ★ PROGRAM ON SUNDAYS ★ ▬▬▬▬▬

10:00 Doors are open, you are welcome!

10:30 Opening Ceremony

11:00 Ecstatic Dance with DJ

13:00 Closing Ceremony

★ Energy Exchange

***** : 15 euro

Kid : 5 euro

Please bring cash (it helps us if you bring exact change)

Ecstatic Dance Ghent is organised on:

- THURSDAY evenings, every two weeks

- Every THIRD SUNDAY morning of the month starting from January 2020

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