04. juli 2020 - 10:00 tot 19:00
Hasselt, Hasselt
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Gaea's Avengers Oldschool Assembly II | zaterdag, 04. juli 2020

On July the 4th 2020 we will host our second Gaea's Avengers Oldschool Assembly in Hasselt, Belgium.

We will play 5 rounds + top 8.You can pre-register at email

We hope to see you guys back! The last event was a blast with 30+ players.

Together with the top 8 we will start a side-event: scryings

Damage: 10 euro (this includes 2 drinks)


Tavern ‘De Vogelsanck’

Demerstraat 99

3500 Hasselt



Legal Sets:




Collector’s Edition (CE)

International Collector’s Edition (IE)

Arabian Nights




The Dark


All reprints are legal if they have:

– Old frame

– Original art

– Non foil

For example you can use: a Chronicles City of Brass, a Wrath of God of Sixth Edition, or a Psionic Blast of Time Spiral. It could not be used, for example, an Ice Age Disenchant, or Birds of Paradise of M12.

The Serendib Efreet and the Plateau de Revised are of course legal.

Setup of the day:

10h30: opening venue

11h: start tournament

11h: round 1

12h: round 2

1h break

14h: round 3

15h: round 4

16h: round 5

17h: top 8

End: +-20h

Drinks and food: Please do not bring your own drinks and food into the venue. As we are located in a tavern you can get a lot of drinks and food in this place.

Parking: there is a free parking (Vaartstraat, Hasselt) within a 5 minute walk

The decks must have a minimum of 60 cards and a side board of up to 15 cards.