07. mei 2019 - 18:00 tot 21:00
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How to set the RIGHT price for my product or service? | SN Cube Coworking | dinsdag, 07. mei 2019

▶︎ How much value does my product/service create to my clients?
▶︎ Do I leave money on the table?
▶︎ Should I charge different prices for different segments?
▶︎ Should I charge per user, per day, per option? Do I need a subscription model?
▶︎ What are my main sales arguments?
▶︎ Do I have to align my prices with the ones of my competitors?

Did you know that sometimes decreasing your price can at the same time make you lose customers? Did you know that price is the most impactful profit driver?
Due to a misunderstanding of the subject, bad pricing is the 5th most common cause of start-up failure. At Pricing Pact, we want to change that.
During this workshop, we will explain different pricing methods and their impacts on revenues and profits, then move on to a practical part in which we will share methods to determine the optimal price for your business. Finally, we will answer to your questions and give you quick wins.
At Pricing Pact, we are experts in pricing, and more specifically in value-based pricing. We want start-ups to stop guessing their prices but rather to be able to price with confidence.
Thanks to our 7 years of experience in pricing, we have already helped more than 60 well-known start-ups, scale-ups, and incubators such as and Start-It KBC, start-ups supervised by co-working spaces such as Transforma and Hive 5, as well as specific programs such as Microsoft Amplitude +.
Have a look at our website and LinkedIn page in order to know more about us !
This event is organized in collaboration with SN Cube Coworking.