08. oktober 2020 - 8:30 tot 10:00
Royal Institute of British Architects Venue, London
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Modernising the way we work - Making change stick in Construction | donderdag, 08. oktober 2020

A great opportunity to hear key speaker and true advocate of organisational change, Jon Murrell, Managing Director at CSaccelerate.

About this Event

Jon Murrell, Entrepreneur and Consultant, has built up vast experience using technology as a tool to enable business change in a wide spectrum of construction organisations.

This breakfast briefing event provides an opportunity to learn how to implement change into business processes through communication and technology, and what strategies are required for driving forward more efficient ways of working.

Although the impact of technology on the construction industry is powerful once implemented, the change process can be delayed as it has to start with the people and the communication process first.

With a typical construction company being spread across several different locations, including offices and job sites, the communication process can be rather difficult to change. Why? Because the communication is down to people, some of whom aren’t willing or able to change the way they work.

Join us as key speaker Jon discusses the ways change can be implemented into your business, your people and your organisational processes, and how technology can be used a tool to enable such change.

Hosted by Matthew Jones, the founder of Open ECX, this breakfast briefing is not to be missed.

Complimentary breakfast and refreshments provided.


CS Accelerate - Jon Murrell, Managing Director

Open ECX – Matthew Jones, Founder

It is free to attend so please reserve your space now.

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