24. februari 2018 - 20:00
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Reverze "Essence of Eternity" | Official | Antwerps Sportpaleis | zaterdag, 24. februari 2018

Beneath the reality of our existence lays a question of great power.

In the realm of mortality, we spend our lives searching for the Essence of Eternity.

Embrace your mystical menu for Reverze "Essence of Eternity" ► bit.ly/RV18_Timetable

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Adaro ◈ B-Front ◈ Brennan Heart ◈ Clockartz ◈ Code Black ◈ Coone ◈ Crisis Era ◈ D-Block & S-te-Fan ◈ Da Tweekaz ◈ Deetox ◈ Devin Wild ◈ Digital Punk ◈ Ecstatic ◈ Frequencerz "Stealth Mode" ◈ Keltek ◈ Lowriderz ◈ Mandy ◈ Mark With a K & MC Chucky ◈ MC DL ◈ MC Livid ◈ MC Villain ◈ Paul Elstak ◈ Public Enemies Live ◈ Ran-D ◈ Rebelion Live ◈ Requiem ◈ Reverze Flashback by Pat B vs Ruthless ◈ Sound Rush ◈ Sub Zero Project Live ◈ The Sickest Squad ◈ The Viper ◈ Unsenses ◈ Zatox – in alphabetical order

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  • Nog mensen vanuit omgeving leiden/den haag die gaan waarmee ik eventueel kan carpoolen?
  • Gaan er nog bussen vanuit zuid limburg met nog plek voor 2/3 man
  • Gaan er nog bussen vanuit zuid limburg met nog plek voor 2/3 man
  • Iemand interesse in 2 regular tickets?
  • https://www.facebook.com/events/528321684185545/?ti=cl Il reste encore quelques places avec ticket dans le car au départ de Charleroi 😉
  • Je recherche un billet pour Reverze le 24 février 2018.
  • Rebelion Brace yourselves, they are on their way… ⚡ TICKETS ► bit.ly/RV18_Tickets
  • The heart and soul of Reverze: the Flashback! ⏪ Last year Pat B, Dark-E and Dr. Rude were responsible for this special showcase and on 24.02 Pat B teams up again with another great Flashback legend: Ruthless! 🔥
  • Nog mensen die vip kaarten zoeken?
  • Zijn er hier mensjes die 2 vip-tickets voor Reverze willen overkopen? Met dank aan mijn goede vriend meneer epilepsie toch maar besloten niet te gaan...
  • Deetox Tearing down all barriers on her way… Are you ready for the force of Deetox? 👊🏻 TICKETS ► bit.ly/RV18_Tickets
  • Ran-D Bringing fire into our Hardstyle temple... 🔥 TICKETS ► bit.ly/RV18_Tickets
  • TIMETABLE ⏰ Download the official #Reverze app in Woov and create your personal timetable! DOWNLOAD APP 📱 iOS ► bit.ly/RV18_iOS Android ► bit.ly/RV18_Android TICKETS & INFO ► bit.ly/RV18_Tickets
  • Wanneer komt de timetable??
  • B-Front Known for his celestial sounds and uplifting spirit, B-Front is a true icon in the scene 🙌 TICKETS ► bit.ly/RV18_Tickets
  • MEET & GREET 🤝 Would you like to win a MEET & GREET with D-Block & S-te-Fan at Reverze? Take part in our contest and you might just be the lucky winner! 🎰 WHAT TO DO❓ ✅ tag your partner in crime 😎 ✅ share this post ✅ WIN! WHEN ⏰ The winner will be announced Thursday 15 February 2018, 12:00h.
  • Fear the Public Enemies True masters of brutality… Thrilled to welcome Public Enemies! ☠️ TICKETS ► bit.ly/RV18_Tickets
  • Brennan Heart’s WE R Hardstyle featuring a Reverze Special is out now! 🎧 ► brennanheartmusic.lnk.to/WERHARDSTYLE
  • Digital Punk He will unleash some massive kicks at Reverze 💥 TICKETS ► bit.ly/RV18_Tickets
  • Is er een mogenlijkheid om vervangbussen in te zetten regio heist-op-den-berg,aarschot,leuven er zijn namenlijk werken tussen heist en lier waardoor alle mensen van deze regio +- een uur langer reizen naar reverze😒😕 alvast bedankt!
  • Mag je parfum of deodorant meebrengen?
  • Brennan Heart When it comes to Hardstyle, this heavyweight needs no introduction… 💪🏻 TICKETS ► bit.ly/RV18_Tickets
  • Can I bring my go pro to the festival ? It's for my Vlog !