16. oktober 2017 - 19:30
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Masterchef Monday / Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson | Mary Pop-in | maandag, 16. oktober 2017

Every month Mary Pop-in invites a masterchef during ‘Masterchef Monday’. It will always be a culinary trip with a six course vegetarian menu, prepared with recovered surplus and byproducts. The story of every dish well explained to you.

We werken graag met topchefs. Ze zijn niet gebonden aan grenzen en daardoor niet geconditioneerd; ze benaderen voedseloverschotten op een andere manier en waarderen deze culinair op. Ils ont l'autorité, la créativité et la voix pour convaincre le grand public via leurs papilles gustatives. Ils travaillent souvent depuis longtemps selon une philosophie no waste. Il respecte la nature et les saveurs suivront. Vous pouvez réserver via

Prijs: € 70,- for a six course vegetarian menu. Boissons fermentées et/ou aromatiséss incluses.

Lundi 18 septembre
- Sang Hoon Degeimbre from L´Air du Temps** SOLD OUT
Maandag 16 oktober
- Nicolas Decloedt from Humus Botanical Gastronomy
Monday 20 November
- Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson from Souvenir
Lundi 18 décembre
- ?? :)
  • A brutalist approach - an advocate of pure flavours, simplicity and removing ingredients until he gets down to the essential. Réservez via eatmosphere.be/book-online
  • “Complicated flavours are easy to create. It is easy to hide in complication. But when you go down to the essence, then it starts to get harder” Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson from Souvenir Restaurant
  • “Having children changed my perspective on food. I want to make food that is good, food that is simple, food that respects the ingredients and food that is fun to eat.”
  • Sigurdarson prefers to work with farmers, passionate people who work extremely hard, who go against the grain and who do not necessarily work for profit. <3 the philosophy
  • Vihljalmur may not have a Michelin star but he has made it to the top 100 European restaurants in the Opinionated About Dining list and is highly regarded among foodies and international foodies as a destination restaurant. Can't wait !
  • Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson from Souvenir Restaurant cherishes his Icelandic roots in a nature-orientated cuisine of purified dishes full of interesting nuances of flavour.
  • Why are we doing the Masterchef Monday? Nicolas Decloedt legt het voor ons uit! <3 Réservez déjà vos places pour le prochain Masterchef Monday / Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson
  • Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson from Souvenir Restaurant chérit ses racines islandaises avec a nature-orientated cuisine of purified dishes full of interesting nuances of flavour. Boek snel je plaatsen als je erbij wil zijn - eatmosphere.be/book-online
  • Menu of tonight! Inspired by Hortense & Humus / Food & Cocktails, initiated by Eatmosphere, infused by MIST teas, influenced with apples and walnuts from FruitCollect, inlove with the garden from Bel Mundo <3
  • ¨J’aime montrer aux gens que on peut cuisiner sans viande et sans poisson. Je n’utilise pas le mot végétarien pour éviter que les gens aient l’impression qu’il manque quelque chose dans l’assiette”. Maandag proef je wat Nicolas Decloedt bedoelt! :) Make your reservation via eatmosphere.be/book-online
  • De theesommelier van MIST zal je morgenavond tijdens Kitchen Kulinair deliciously verwennen with exceptional teas. Réservez vos places via eatmosphere.be/book-online
  • Fireworks in the Mary Pop-in kitchen next Monday 16th! Nicolas Decloedt will be working kitchen miracles with the help of our very own amazing cuisine en duo Adélaïde et Romain ! Last tickets available via eatmosphere.be/book-online so be fast. You don´t want to miss this! Believe us :)
  • Do you know the chef from Hortense & Humus already? We say star de la cuisine des légumes déjà! Mary Pop-in couldn´t wish for more magic in your plates :) Reserveer je tafel voor de Masterchef Monday van 16 oktober via eatmosphere.be/book-online
  • How will Nicolas convert spent grain, a byproduct we get from the co-creation brewery Brussels Beer Project , into a gastronomical dish ? Find out on Masterchef Monday! Last places for this unique experience via eatmosphere.be/book-online
  • Vegan fine dining ? Kitchen Kulinair it is :) Great food, great eatmosphere! Réservez vos places via eatmosphere.be/book-online
  • Monday October 16th Nicolas Decloedt from Hortense & Humus , skilled at In de wulf *, Mugaritz**, Chalet de la forêt** and Bon Bon** , will test the rest and present you a culinary experience at Mary Pop-in! Still a few tables so book your tickets now via eatmosphere.be/book-online
  • This was the previous Masterchef Monday with Sang Hoon Degeimbre ** Make sure you don´t miss the next one! :)