23. augustus 2020 - 9:30
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Keeping your MES Programs on Track during COVID 19 and Beyond | zondag, 23. augustus 2020

Keeping your MES Programs on Track during COVID-19 and Beyond

About this Event

COVID-19 has forced manufacturers around the world to embrace for a new normal. While factories will redirect all their focus on managing core processes, uncertainties will require them to have a robust strategy and a much higher level of rigor towards cost optimization, productivity and efficiency improvement. Considering the current scenario, there will be significant impact on the future of MES programs in these manufacturing organizations.

This discussion provides various options to manufacturers to overcome these challenges.

This chat also provides an insight into new innovative approaches, business models and solutions that can be utilized to successfully manage existing MES landscape and programs. This approach significantly reduces implementation lead time while reducing the overall cost.

Discussion Points:

o Practitioner’s view on MES as the building block of digital transformation and operational and business benefits of MES?

o Customer viewpoint on how MES is helping them to be more responsive in these uncertain times and how are they able to sustain their MES programs

o ITC Infotech’s 4D Framework to sustain the on-going MES programs and “Maximize Value and Optimize Cost” for existing MES landscape

o Industry viewpoint on role and benefit of MES in the current & post COVID scenario and how are organizations managing their ongoing MES journey.