09. november 2019 - 10:00 tot 15:00
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Slay the Holiday Fit Fundraiser | Baila Fuzion | zaterdag, 09. november 2019

Who we are: Baila Fuzion Dance and Creative Arts Center is a performing arts center located in Virginia Beach Virginia. We strive to not only provide a place where youth artist can explore creative outlets but also prepare for creative careers! A very important part of our mission is making sure those very artists also grow up to be great people. To ensure this our company demonstrates the characteristics we wish to instill in our students. By Serving the community we are doing just that! Events like the Slay the Holiday Fundraiser & Expo are born from this as it serves as a way for area health professionals to work together toward a common goal and in turn bless more people together than we could ever accomplish by ourselves!
How it works: Individuals will start a team or join an existing team by using the attached registration form. After registering, team members will choose a charity they would like to represent during the Slay the Holiday event. Team members will then collect donations from the community and friends in support of their cause and the event mission. 40% of the donations will benefit the BFDC Youth Performing Arts and BFDC will donate the other 60% in your teams honor to the charity of your choice. A prize will be given to the team that raises the most money for the cause!
How donations are taken: Individuals can donate online or via the pledge form attached to this packet by cash or check. Donations can be dropped off to BFDC’s front desk leading up to the morning of the Slay the Holiday. 
What happens the day of the Slay the Holiday: Each team will participate in workouts/Classes from area fitness leaders. A team member must be present during each fitness session to represent their team. Team mates are able to substitute and switch out with team members as often as they like as long as one member representing each team is present at all times.  
 What is the Fitness Expo: In addition to the fitness-a-thon activities a fitness expo will also be set up with area vendors displaying fashion, interactive booths, Fun fitness & dance class demonstrations and much more!
Health & Fitness is all of our responsibility both as fitness professionals and community members. Join the mission commit to the journey by joining a team or sponsoring a team member!