23. november 2018 - 9:00 tot 16:00
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Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp | Gateway building | vrijdag, 23. november 2018

The Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp is a FREE, one-day training event. Our bootcamp will provide deep learning and a comprehensive view of all key technologies and products on the Office 365 platform. As Office 365 continues to grow across all dimensions, this is an incredible opportunity for developers to utilize these tools and apply this knowledge to create intelligent solutions more efficiently and effectively. 
Who better then Jeff Teper to tell you all about this
More information can be found here
Come and check out our gripping sessions!
** Attendees MUST bring their own Laptop and ENSURE they have the below installed prior to attending the sessions **
Visual Studio Code – You may download this free at 
Gulp + Yeoman – You must install this beforehand and can be found here 
Node – You must install this beforehand 
Extras - 
Candidates should read though the below links - These 2 links below covers info on setting up a dev tenant and installing the software we're going to use during our sessions:

What is the bootcamp?
With over 100 million monthly commercial active users, Office 365 is the largest productivity service available. Office 365 offers an incredible opportunity for developers, with business-critical data and millions of users combined with a platform designed to keep people in the flow of their work. As a developer, you can use the tools you work with every day to create intelligent, connected products and solutions.
The Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp is a free, one-day training event led by Microsoft MVPs with support from Microsoft and local community leaders. The bootcamps will provide hands-on labs for deep learning, and a comprehensive view of all key technologies and products on the Office 365 platform. Developers can apply these learnings to their products or solutions to achieve more right away.
Why are bootcamp events being organized?
We'd like to share latest and greatest technologies and products (Microsoft Graph, SharePoint Framework, Microsoft Teams, Office Add-ins, Connectors and Actionable Messages, and more) on the Office 365 platform with local developer communities. We’d like to help interested developers get started smoothly and quickly. For experienced developers, we’d like to help accelerate their Office 365 development projects with active, hands-on learning opportunities. 
Friday 23 November 20189:00 – 16:00.