27. september 2018 - 17:30 tot 19:00
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The secrets of a community manager | Leonardo da Vincilaan 1 | donderdag, 27. september 2018

Community Manager is by far the most often cited and discussed role in the community space for a couple of reasons. First, in the past online communities were used primarily for tactical reasons, which often did not warrant more senior roles. Secondly, communities were often run by ‘lone wolf’ community professionals who did not directly manage a team, but were responsible for everything from strategy to moderation. Community manager seems to have been the best catchall title to give to someone without direct reports, but who had a breadth of responsibility.
Join Lentl, our Client engagement and community manager on the discovery of tips & tricks
The training will focus on 3 topics

Social Media Community Management

Develop and manage local UGC campaigns and initiatives

Develop and manage local influencer campaigns across social channels